Wise Words for Today

English: Map of The Christian World, with the ...
English: Map of The Christian World, with the largest Christian populations. Made from File:Muslim world map.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Success in God’s kingdom does not come just by finding your promised land, educating yourself, and
becoming kingdom minded. It comes by putting those principles into practice
with great effort and diligence. One of the most neglected ingredients in many
Christians’ lives is plain hard work. There is no shortcut around it. I am
convinced that hard work is the missing element in many people’s lives and that
many spheres of society today are suffering at the hands of the devil because
righteous people have not learned to work hard.

Sunday Adelaja

(from Church Shift)


2 thoughts on “Wise Words for Today

  1. WAS jesus lazy WHO went about doing good. A situation were who has come in to spy our liberty and enjoy our love for one another lazy about looking for alms from loving BRETHREN you call christians. To put the record straight.. A situation where a christian refuses to work in a place which will compromise his faith and becomes jobless that is never laziness. After all this world is not our home, we are pilgrims. Still our will supply all our needs according to His glory in Christ Jesus. Amen.

    1. Micah:

      Thanks so much for stopping by LifeBrook and for you comments. I think the author of the quotation, Sunday Adelaja, was saying that perhaps Christians frequently do not work hard enough at applying kingdom priniciples to daily living. He wasn’t referring so much to employment or career, but instead, to our obligations as disciples. And certainly you are correct in saying that a Christian who refuses to work in a situation that will compromise his faith is not lazy.

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