Wise Words for Today

Andrew Wommack in Schiphol-Rijk
Andrew Wommack in Schiphol-Rijk (Photo credit: Johan Koolwaaij)

God has already moved and blessed us with every spiritual blessing. Everything we’ll ever need – joy, peace, wisdom, revelation knowledge, etc. – has already been provided. But it’s all in the spirit realm….If you can’t understand that everything God has already provided for you is in the spirit realm, then you’ll lose this truth I am communicating. Why? Faith acts like a bridge to bring what is true and real in the spiritual world into the physical world. The truth is, very few believers allow their faith to be that bridge for what God has already done to cross over into the natural realm. We just don’t see very much manifestation of it.

 Andrew Wommack

(from You’ve Already Got It)


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