Wise Words for Today

Gods ultim will become like Jesus cover
Gods ultim will become like Jesus cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The adventure of faith begins with faithfulness. Being faithful is taking responsibility for the good we know to do. It’s about treating even the small tasks before us as important and worth our best effort. Faithfulness is God’s kingdom pathway to greater opportunity, responsibility, and adventure. Jesus tells us that whoever is faithful in small things will be entrusted with more, which leads us to a significant truth – faithfulness is a response to calling. And all of us have been called by God to be faithful. Everyone who has chosen to follow Christ has also been called by God. All citizens of God’s kingdom have a calling. You may be waiting for a call from God, and you missed the fact that He has already called you. You were created to reflect His image and to fulfill His purpose. You are the living product of divine intentionality. You are not an accident. You were made on purpose, and because of that, you can know that you have a purpose.

Erwin Raphael McManus 


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