Happy Fathers Day!

Holy Spirit 33
Holy Spirit 33 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

Just wanted to drop a line wishing all you fathers out there a blessed and happy Fathers Day. As some of you know, the Father blessed Li and I, and surprised us as well, back in 2004 with the birth of our daughter, Salina. I was 55 at the time and certainly had not expected such a gift. And that is exactly what Salina has been, a true gift in our lives.

Being a Father is not only a blessing, but also an awesome responsibility. It is an especially tremendous spiritual responsibility. I remember being in prayer a few days after Salina’s birth and the Holy Spirit gave me a powerful message. The content of the message was basically this:

God thinks enough of you, and loves you enough, to give you the privilege and the responsibility to care for and raise one of his daughters.

In an odd way, I had never really looked at parenthood from that perspective. The Holy Spirit drove the message home and it settled deep within my heart. Over the nine years since that time, I have also come to understand first hand how being a parent is not only a mighty calling, but also a context in which the parent’s spiritual growth can prosper. The Christian path is a journey of dying to self, sacrifice, and agape love. All three of these elements are part and parcel of being a father (and a mother).

Again, we wish each of you and great Fathers Day.




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