Wise Words for Today

The Pharisees Question Jesus
The Pharisees Question Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I ran across this highlighted quotation when reviewing Tyler Edwards’ fine book entitled, Zombie Church. I think it states clearly our tendency to turn ideas, doctrines, and even scripture into idols. These are wise words, indeed:

We are looking for Jesus in all the wrong places. Doctrine is very important, but doctrine is not God. The Bible is very important but, again, it is not God. Sometimes in the church we look for life in these places, but that is not where life is found. Even within the church, with our best intentions, we sometimes make ourselves into Pharisees by putting the words about Jesus before Jesus Himself. Many churches focus so much on what is said in scripture that they do not seem to know Jesus at all. It is not difficult for us to turn the Bible into an idol, especially if we read it for the knowledge it gives us rather than the relationship it builds. Life is not about what you know, it is about who you know. It comes from Jesus, plain and simple. Yet sometimes we choose to stop only at an intellectual understanding because, well, quite frankly it is easier to learn information than it is to build genuine relationship. 


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