Wise Words for Today

British Library Add. MS 59874 Ethiopian Bible ...
British Library Add. MS 59874 Ethiopian Bible – Matthew’s Gospel (Ge’ez script) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The first thing for the Christian
is to recover the gospel – to relearn and fall in love again with that
historic, beautiful, redemptive, faithful, demanding, reconciling,
all-powerful, restorative, atoning, grace-abounding, soul-quenching,
spiritually fulfilling good news of God’s love………….Following Jesus in the
twenty-first century demands that his disciples relearn the full meaning of the
Gospel story, recovering the culminating theme of restoration that runs
throughout the whole of Scripture. This begins by seeing the Gospel as the
central solution to humanity’s age-old questions and self-conflict. But this
story isn’t static; it dynamically continues to unfold today, displaying God’s
original goodness and ultimate intention for all his creation. The good news
for humankind is that we are all made in God’s image, given a path through
Jesus to be reconciled from our sin, and purposed to partner with him to renew
and restore the creation to its fullest potential.

Gabe Lyons



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