LifeBrook Anniversary

Today marks the six year anniversary of LifeBrook here on WordPress. When I first started this blog, I never envisioned that I would keep at it this long but evidently, God had other plans. In spite of some very significant health issues, several surgeries, and the usual daily life stresses we all face, the Holy Spirit has blessed me with the steadfastness to keep writing and further, provided me with ideas and issues to write about. For this I am very grateful.

Over the years the blog has evolved in what I believe is a positive direction. We have managed to cover a wide range of topics which I hope have been helpful to the readers in general and especially to those who follow the blog on a regular basis. I have tried to delve into topics that are pertinent to both individual discipleship and the church as a whole. In addition, I have tried to be responsive to the needs and requests of the LifeBrook readers. One element of the blog, “Wise Words for Today,” has been especially well received.

I have also made attempts to publish relevant articles regarding current “hot button” issues, especially related to the role of the church in our culture. This is an especially challenging time for the Body of Christ, an age where we see membership dropping and the image of the faith as a whole taking quite a beating in the public arena. Yet in spite of these negatives, I have tried to consistently point out that this is also a time of great opportunity for the church. It is a time where, if we respond to these challenges with creativity, civility, and a willingness to work toward healing old divisions and establishing a greater sense of unity of purpose, we can foster positive change in the church and make great strides toward carrying out our calling of helping establish Christ’s kingdom. We can, and I firmly believe this, once again create positive connotations for the word “Christian.”

I want to thank all my readers, both those who are regular followers and those who just stop by from time to time, for taking the time to read my ramblings. Again, I hope in at least some small way they have been helpful in your walk of faith.

Blessings in His Light,



One thought on “LifeBrook Anniversary

  1. Well done @Bro Mick…I pray that the Lord of Lord will uphold you and your ministry…may you never surver casualty over any member of your family…God is your strength

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