Wise Words for Today

The lamp that is aglow in the obedient life will shine. The city set on the hill cannot be hid. Obedience to Christ from the heart and by the Spirit is such a radical reality that those who live in it automatically realize the unity that can never be achieved by direct efforts at union. It is not achieved by effort, but by who we are. . . . . . . . . .But actual obedience to Christ as Lord would transform ordinary life entirely and bring those disciples who are walking with Christ together wherever there lives touch. Christians who are together in the natural contexts of life would immediately identify with one another because of the radically different kind of life, the eternal kind of life, manifestly flowing in them. Their mere non-cooperation with the evil around them would draw them together as magnet and iron. Any other differences would have no significance within the unity of obedience to Chri8st who is present in his people.

Dallas Willard

(from The Great Omission)

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