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LifeBrook is a trans-denominational ministry committed to providing programs and materials designed to help the Church Universal better navigate the changing waters of the spiritual and social landscape in 21st Century America.


As the Body of Christ finds its way in our post-modern, post-Christian culture, we will continue to see major changes in the way the Church goes about its business. In addition to shifts in organizational structure and a reduced role of the ordained clergy, the churches that survive will be the ones that are innovative, transformative, and incarnational.


Through innovative educational and service projects, LifeBrook seeks to assist congregations and other faith-based groups develop and implement missional strategies that meet what we have come to describe as “The Seven Callings of Continuing Incarnation.” Briefly stated, these callings are:


The Calling to Consecration


The Calling to Connection


The Calling to Comprehension


The Calling to Character


The Calling to Community


The Calling to Compassion


The Calling to Contribution


If the Church is to reach the growing post-Christian culture in ways that are relevant and effective, several things must be seen with clarity and focus. First, the primary question that must be answered is not, “How can we evangelize these people?” Instead, the relevant question must be, “How can I help you?” It is through this sort of proactive Christian service that the Church’s evangelistic witness can be best fostered. Secondly, the Church must reconsider how it can best present the truths of the faith in new wineskins that are more relevant to the world in which now live, move, and have our being.

For further information, please contact LifeBrook at the following email addresses:


L.D. Turner is the founder and President of LifeBrook. He holds a MBA with specialization in Management and Business Communications. In addition, he has a Masters Degree in Sociology with a concentration in the Sociology of Religion and a Doctorate in Social Psychology.  Dr. Turner has over 30 years experience as a manager, counselor, trainer, teacher, life coach and writer. He has worked in business, social service, educational and media settings and has served as a consultant to many organizations both in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Turner has authored numerous articles on a wide range of topics related to spirituality. Most recently, he has returned from five years living in China where he taught formal classes and conducted trainings in universities and business settings. In 2001 Dr. Turner was awarded the prestigious Guangdong Friendship Award by the Chinese Government for meritorious service to the educational and economic development of Guangdong Province. Dr. Turner, his wife Li and daughter Salina reside in Lincoln County Tennessee.



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  1. I am pleased to see that someone is encouraging our brothers and sisters in the world, that is one of the reasons that I wrote a book that appeals to al Christians about angels and how they minister for us. It is on Amazon.com and sells for about $13.95. It is a classic and will inspire and strengthen the depressed, the person who is seeking to know God. The nane of the book is On the Glory Road with God and His Angels, and if you at life books would like a free copy, please email me @standgapl-org1@insightbb.com. May God bless all the brothers and sisters in his kingdom who working here on earth. We are in his kingdom now. Be blessed. MMBrown

  2. I am Pastor Jeremiah Nimely,Pastor of the Living Waters Fellowship Church,Incorporated,Liberia,a congregation of 255 members,who grew up brecause of the 14 years of the bloody civil war in Liberia after returning from exile.

    We write to let you know that,we are interested of affiliating,associating and partnering with you or to becoming one of your extension affiliates orassociates churches in Liberia,it is our 5 to 6 years of praying and fasting since of belonging to an international ministry or church to which we can submit and become accountable in the kingdom of God,or we are asking to assist us by connecting us to an international ministries in order to help us train and to better serve the Lord in our areas of callings.

    And again,we believe in christian business,because when we are involved with this,the church will affect the society and also its members,and will diffinitely support the work of God with their tithes and good offerings,so the church can not be a begger to those who she suppose to have witness to,but to give hope to those that are outside of the church and to bring them to the fold,this is our dream and we do hope that,this will do down well with you also,and if so,we would love where you to consider and give it your timely consideration for the furtherance of the kingdom of God.

    We would love were you to please sent us your phone number, here is ours:
    +231-5656930 and +231-6721870

    Our address is:( Living Waters Fellowship Church,Incorporated,P. O Box 1779,1000 Monrovia,10 Liberia,West Africa)

    our physical headquarters address in Liberia is:72nd Junction,Somalia Drive,Paynesville.

    We want to bless God for you and that you will give this request your timely consideration as this will enable us to help undergird and promote the vision and mission of you ministry and the kingdom of God in our beloved yours country,Liberia and the surrounding boaders of Liberia and also the West Africa region respectively.

    The women of this ministry also are eager to be train and be educated to also help their husbands to carry out the work of the ministry,the are in a despite need,because the war of Liberia 14 years have carried them backward.And also want to engage into home business in order to be self-substainable and to support their homes and the church as well,and to stop poverty and gain their values back again of what they have lost during the 14 years of civil war in Liberia,this also goes to the men also too and youth in the community and the church.

    We are based in Liberia and run a ministry that take care of planting churches,training,equipping and developping of ministers,pastors and leaders in God’s kingdom and most of all,we also run a subsidy scholarship educational and feeding programes with orphan,street,less fortunate and hungry kids and wra effected youths,they are being taking care of by this us since 2000,and we are email you this request of ours to let you to know that,we did read about your organization or school and we felt interested and desire an affiliation with you,so as help to train,equip and to develop us in christian education and also in ministry and the kingdom work,that is of building the ability of called men and women,youths and young adults in the kingdom of God,so as to be able to reach the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ(Matt.28:18-20;24:14;Eph.4:11-14;2Tim.2:2,15:3:16-17;Joshua 1:8),and to also help these kids and youths to give them a solid christian educational foundation,because Liberia have suffered many wars since 1989,of civil bloody war more than 15 years.

    Indeed,the country of Liberia still suffers many wounds and effects of this war most especially on the kids and youths,therefore,it is in this way we see the greater needs for these and came by the directive of the Lord to give them HOPE in their educational and feeding programes.

    Therefore,that is why we are seeking for you to be able to afford us this great opportunity so as to be able to answer our request and give us an opportunity to become one of your extension so as to help and come to the aid of our country and come to help us to empower us in business and other means.

    Please,we salute all of the brethren and know that we are with you in prayers and all of your endeavor.


    Because of His infinite grace and love!

    Hope to hear from you by the special grace of God.

    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor Jeremiah Nimely
    Your beloved Servant leader and founder and setman
    Living waters Fellowship Church,Incorporated
    Liberia,West Africa

  3. im pastor from Eldoret,Kenya serving at healing gospel church Halleluyah church.Im 36 years old and married with four children.Im seeking to partner and Network with your ministry to preach the gospel of Jesus christ.Im involved in outreach and missions ministry in my church.
    Looking forward to your response.
    God bless you.

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